Iran Market Access

ECCA has been established by the biggest EPC companies in fields of energy and therefore through ECCA you could reach the below information of the participants in oil and gas market of Iran which is one of the markets with a high potential in MENA region.

  • List of members of ECCA consisting of EPC companies with Grade 1 of Iranian Planning & Budget Organization
  • List of reference list of ECCA Members
  • List of current projects of ECCA Members
  • List of potential projects in energy sector containing Water and waste water Projects, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects, Renewable Energy Projects, …
  • Having access to the procedure of registration in approved vendor list of mentioned industries
  • Having access to Iranian companies for joint cooperation and participation in Iran projects through preparation of technology, supplying goods and raw materials and etc.
  • Having access to the key personnel in Iranian organizations through ECCA effective network connections  

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