EPC Company
Energy Industries Engineering & Design
  • check Managing Director:  S.M.A. Ghaffarizadeh
  • check Date of foundation:  1996
  • check Phone:  (+9821) 72385000
  • check Fax:  (+9821) 26751130
  • check E-mail:  info@eied.com
  • check Website:  www.eied.com
  • check Address:  No.19, Golestan St., Golchin St., Ozgol, Emam Ali Hyw., Tehran 16993938611-Iran
Company Motto

Distinctive in Engineering, Efficient in Procurement, Capable in Construction

  • Company Background
  • Areas of Activity
  • Human Resources
  • Achievements
  • Infrastructures
  • Previous Project List
  • International Cooperation

Company Background

Energy Industries Engineering & Design (EIED) was established in 1996. EIED carries a legacy of more than two decades of experience in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

– EIED was founded to develop technical knowledge and applied sciences in the field of energy industries, mainly in oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energies, while moving towards a leading role in execution of EPC Projects of national significance in these industries.

– Today, EIED is considered internationally as a highly qualified company in the engineering and design of energy industries, and is offering Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services to clients in accordance with the state of the art technologies and management systems.

– Presently, EIED is an advanced quality and result-oriented company providing its services to both national and international clients.  EIED has completed many EP projects and is currently involved in several Engineering and EPCC projects all being indispensable to national industrial development. EIED’s highly qualified and dedicated staff are driven by creativity, motivation and ambition to move forward their country’s energy industries in order to meet the twenty-first century technological challenges.

Our mission, being based on customer satisfaction and business excellence, aims at domestic and international growth through forming partnerships using shared resource management. Our commitment is to support the Iranian energy industries in their development, and to participate in achieving their goals whilst creating a safer work place and stronger environmental awareness.


Areas of Activity

EIED work experience and services capability includes the following as the Company’s fields of expertise:

In general, the Company offers Services for the following facilities:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic Design
  • Value Engineering Services (VE)
  • Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED)
  • Detailed Design/Engineering
  • Procurement Engineering Services
  • Procurement/Supply of Material and Equipment
  • Construction Management (CM) & Site Supervision Services
  • Field Engineering Services (FES)
  • Commissioning Engineering Services (CES)
  • Project Management Systems (PM)
  • Management Consultancy Services (MC)

EIED services cover all the required disciplines and the entire stages of design and execution of the typical energy industries for Process & Non-process disciplines of offshore and onshore projects in mid and downstream.

In general, the Company offers the following services:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Gas Refineries / Gas Condensate Refineries
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • CPF / Surface Facilities / Production Units / Desalting Units
  • NGL Recovery Plants
  • Gas Compression Stations
  • Pump Stations
  • Storage Facilities & Tank Farm Systems
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems
  • Utilities & Offsite Facilities

Human Resources

EIED is one of the largest Iranian engineering and design consultancy firms in terms of human and material resources. About 830 highly qualified specialists, engineers and technicians, with ever rising level of professional commitment and capabilities, make EIED a highly efficient engineering company.

Also EIED has access to other human resources including subcontractors, freelance specialists, and universities faculty staff.

There are more than 5 project managers that have PMP certificate.

EIED employees are either full-time or part- time. The full-time employees are staff members and the part- time employees are on a yearly-basis contract extendable at the beginning of the year. The percentages are as follows:

  • Full- time: 96% / Part- time: 4%
  • Man: 72% / Woman: 28%
  • Sc. & Phd: 39.5% / B.Sc. : 47.4% / H.N.D & H.N.C: 13.1%


38 Internationa Partners – 95 Undertaken Projects & 24 Ongoing Projects – 80 BIG Independent Projects – 45 Clients – 8000 Talented Employees – The First EPC Contractor Recieved NEPA – The First  in MPORG Certificate E, C, EPC  – 1.2 Annual Man-hour in Engineering & Project Management



EIED is a pioneer Iranian engineering consultant company that succeeded by 1999 to implement the requirements of ISO 9001 and receive its certificate.

EIED implemented an Integrated Management System that consists of below mentioned systems:

  • Quality Management System as per ISO 9001: 2015 (Initial Certification 1999- By DNV)
  • Quality Management System for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries according to ISO/TS 29001: 2010 (Initial Certification 2007- By DNV)
  • Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001: 2015 (Initial Certification 2007- By DNV)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System as per ISO 45001: 2018 (Initial Certification 2007- By DNV)
  • HSE Management System as per HSE Manual of Iranian Ministry of Petroleum (Initial Certification 2015- By TUV NORD Iran)
  • Management System as per ISO 45001: 2018 (Initial Certification 2019- By TUV NORD Iran)

The Scopes of all above mentioned certificates are: “Engineering and Design, Procurement, Construction and Installation, Supervision, Field Engineering and Management Contractor of Projects in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Industries.”

EIED Head Office Buildings with total 14000 m2 office area have the following facilities:

  • Computer Networks:
  • Servers: Hp, Cisco UCS
  • Server Operating Systems: (OS) Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2/2016/2019
  • Number of Servers: 90
  • Internet:
  • 2 Radio Link Internet
  • 1 Radio Link PTP
  • Web Address: www.eied.com / www.eied.ir
  • Conference Rooms:17
  • Reproduction Facilities:10 Photocopying Machines
  • Transportation:24 Cars
  • Hardware:
  • Computers: 865 Pentiums Corei7, Corei5, Corei3
  • Notebook: 85
  • Plotters: 3
  • Printers: 98 Laser Jets (including 3 Color Printers)
  • Scanners: 49 (A0- A3 – A4)
  • Drawing Folding Machines: 2
  • PDMS Workstations: 80
  • Routers: 2 * Cisco Router , 4 Mikrotik
  • Switches: 120
  • UPS: 2
  • Copying Machines: 30
  • Fax Machines: 1
  • Tape Backup system: 1
  • Visualizer: 3
  • Exchange Mail Server: 2
  • Wireless Lan Controller: 2
  • Wireless Access Point: 34

EIED utilizes an advanced computerized support system in all its activities. A large number of software for 2D & 3D modeling, design, engineering and drafting, as well as the latest Version of softwares for calculation, planning, presentation, management and control, are being used by the Company’s staff to achieve EIED’s goal of engineering excellence.


Previous Project List

A complete list of projects undertaken by EIED is tabulated below with the order of execution:

No Name & Location of Plant Plant Capacity / Project Description Start & Completion Date Name of the Owner Company’s Scope of Work
1 C2 Recovery and Fractionation Plant- Kangan (Tonbak) 3.000MMSCFD / 2050 (ton/hr.) Methane, / 217 (ton/hr.) Ethane, / 122 (ton/hr.) Propane, / 63 (ton/hr.)Butane / 25 (ton/hr.) C5+ 2014 Kangan Petro Refining Co. (KPRC) Basic Design Endorsement, Detail Design, Procurement Engineering  Services  Technical Services and Assistance
2 Kangan Olefin Field Engineering Services- Kangan 2017 Kangan Petrochemical Development Co. (KPRC) FES
3 Amir Kabir Petrochemical Revamp Project- Bandar Imam 2017 Amir Kabir Petrochemical Co. (AKPC) Basic Design
4 Increasing Production of 27 Gachsaran Reservoirs – Khuzestan 2018-2020 National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) Data Gathering and EPC tender package preparation
5 Kish Gas Field Development Phase 1 2019-2020 Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) / OIEC Conceptual Design
6 Iran LNG Appraisal – Kangan 2 x 1000 MM SCFD Apr 2019- Sep 2019 Iran Liquified Natural Gas Co.(ILC) Conceptual and Feasibility Study
7 Second Ethan Recovery & Olefin Plant of BIPC- Bandar Emam 1000 KTA of Ethylene 2018 Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (BIPC) EPCCF
8 Olefin Plant capacity increasing and De-Bottlenecking- Assaluyeh 1,000,000 TPY 2018-2019 Arya Sasol Polymer Company Basic Completion & Detail Design, Procurement Engineering Services
9 Sulfur Removal Unit (SRU)- ILAM 328000 T/Y C3+ / 392000 T/Y C5+ 2015-2020 Ilam petrochemical Co. (ILPC) EPCC
10 Equipping Transaction Points of Petroleum Industry with Custody Transfer Metering & Monitoring System Phases 1 & 2- / (13 Points in Whole Country Including: Crude Oil Production Unit, Gas Refineries, Oil Export/ Import Jetties) 2019 Petroleum Engineering and Development Co. ( PEDEC) Re- Basic & EPC Tender Package
11 South Pars Gas Field Development  Phases 20 & 21 (Assaluyeh) 2×1,000 MMSCFD Natural Gas / 2×40,000 BBLS/D  Condensate 2010-2019 Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) / OIEC Detail Design, Procurement Engineering Services, Field Engineering Services
12 Kheirgoo Gas Compressor Station EPC Project – (Kheirgoo) 110 MMSCMD 2017- 2019 Iranian Gas Engineering & Development Co ( NIGC) EPCC
13 Gas Sweeting & C2 Recovery Units (Assaluyeh) 324 MMSCFD 2012-2019 Bushehr Petrochemical Co (BUPC) Basic & Detail Design Procurement Engineering Services Field Engineering Services
14 West Karoon Oil Fields Production Units – (Ahvaz- Jofeir) 165.000 BPD 2011-2019 Arvandan Oil & Gas Co (AOGC) EPCC
15 Custody Transfer Metering & Centralized Monitoring (Phase 1&2)-Various Location 13 Points in whole Country Including , Crude Oil Production Unit, Gas Refineries , Oil Export / Import Jetties 2012-2019 Petroleum Engineering & Development Co.(PEDEC)13 Data Gathering, Basic Design,

EPC Tender Documentation

16 Mahshahr Oil Product Terminal Revamp – (Mahshar) 6 Jetty/ 34 Loading Arm 12.000.000 Barrel, Fuel Oil Storage Tanks 500.000 Barrel , Gasoline Storage Tanks 2012-2019 National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Co. ( NIOEC) MC
17 Bid Boland – II Refinery Feed Supply (Khoozestan) 1.800 MMSCFD 2011-2019 Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) MC & SSC
18 Data Gathering Project – Phase I. (For Performing Subsequent Conceptual Design)- khozestan Multiple Facilities 2018-2019 National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) Data Gathering for Subsequent Conceptual Design
19 C2+ Recovery – (Asaluyeh) 2018-2019 SINA Energy ­­Development Co. (SEDCO) Conceptual Design
20 Varavi, Homa Gas Compressor stations & and Tabnak Separation Center (Lamrd- Fars) Homa 18 MMSCMD / Varavi 11 MMSCMD / Tabnak 36 MMSCMD 2018-2019 Iranian Central Oil Field Company (ICOFC) Basic Design Review & Tender Document Preparation
21 LPG Polishing of South Pars Gas Field Development – Phases 20&21 / Assaluyeh 2016 MMSCMD Butane / 4176 MMSCMD Propane 2011-2018 OIEC Basic & Detail Design & Procurement Engineering Services
22 5 Stations T.C. re-Installastions Qazvin/Khoramdare, Parchin, Semnan

Nizar Qom 3

5 Stations Gas Compressor 2016-2018 Iranian Gas Engineering & Development Co. (IGEDC) Management & Site Supervision for Installation of Spare T.C. of five Stations
23 Condensate Refinery Farzanegan. P. S.E. Z (Asaluyeh) 40,000 BPD 2015-2018 Farzanegan Fars Nikoo Group Basic Engineering Design
24 SIRAF Condensate Refinery 8 Refineries of 60,000 BPD 2015-2018 SIRAF Condensate Refineries Basic Design (Cooperation with TOYO after 2016.03)
25 PDH Kangan 2017-2018 Oil Industries Engineering Co. (OIEC) Feasibility Study
26 South Pars Gas Field Development – Phases 17&18


2×1,000 MMSCFD Natural Gas

2×40,000 BBLS/D  Condensate

2006-2016 Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC)/ OIEC Basic Design Review, Detail Design, Procurement Engineering Services, Field Engineering Services
27 Kian Petrochemical Complex


1395 KTPA Aromatic &

2236 KTPA Olefin

2016-2017 Kian Petrochemical  Company Conceptual Study
(Cooperation with Axens)
28 North-Northeast Six Gas Compressor Stations 58, 57, 54, 52, 30, 30  MMSCMD 2007-2017 IGEDC MC & SSC
29 Heavy Oil Refinery Production and Lights Bitumen 1000000 TN Bitumen 20152017 IPMI Feasibility Study
30 TGTU of South Pars Gas Field Development– Phases 2 & 3, Assaluyeh 2 ´ 130 Ton/day, Liquid sulphur from acid gas TGTU 95% to 99.7% efficiency 2012

(Hold by Owner)

Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) EPC
31 Tabriz Refinery Gasoline Production Plant, Tabriz 20,000 BPSD 2007-2013 Tabriz Oil Refinery Co. EPCC, Partnership with SEI (China), Construction with TANAVOB
32 Ilam HDPE Plant, Ilam 300,000 t/y, HDPE 2004-2013 Ilam Petrochemical Company EPCC, Partnership with MES (Japan)
33 Mahshahr Jetty No.2


2008-2010 Mahshahr, Petrochemical Special, Economic Zone, Management MC & SSC
34 Hormoz Heavy Oil Refinery


300,000, BBL/D 2008-2012

(Hold by Owner)

NIOEC EPC (as amember of consortium), Part of Utility & Offsite unites
35 Tehran Refinery Products Quality Upgrading Plant 80,000 BBL/D,
2007-2012 NIOEC MC & SSC
36 Pars Polystyrene Plant, Assaluyeh



250, 000 t/y, Polystyrene 2005-2008

(Hold by Owner)

Pars Petrochemical, Company EPCC, Partnership with Simon Carves (UK)
37 Sirri Island, Gas Gathering & NGL Recovery 50 MMSCFD Natural Gas, 6,900 BPD Propane, 3,750 BPD Butane, 3,180 BPD Condensate 2004-2007, (Engineering) IOOC/NIOC Basic Design Review, Detail Design, Procurement Engineering Services, Field Engineering Services
38 Bid Boland II Gas Processing & Pipiline 57 MMSCMD 2007-2012 IGEDC MC & SSC
39 Day & Sepid Zakhur, Gas Field Development 2009-2011 ICOFC MC & SSC
40 Khuzestan Extra Heavy Crude Oil Refinery 180,000, BPSD 2008-2009 NIOEC Basic Design
41 Darquain Oil Field Development-Phase 2 2  ´ 55000, BPSD 2007-2009 PEDEC MC & SSC
42 South Pars Gas Field Development Project, Phases 9 & 10, Bandar Assaluyeh 2 ´ 1,000 MMSCFD Natural Gas

2 ´ 40,000 BBLS/D Condensate

2004-2008 Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) FES, Field Engineering Services
43 South Pars Gas Field Development Project – Phases 9 & 10, Assaluyeh 2 ´ 1,000 MMSCFD Natural Gas

2 ´ 40,000 BBLS/D Condensate

2003-2006 Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) Detail Engineering and Procurement Engineering  Services, As Engineering Sub-Contractor of OIEC
44 Qom-III  Gas Compressor Station 90 MMSCMD 2004-2006 NIGC Complete Basic Design, Detail Engineering and Engineering Services of Procurement
45 Four Gas Compressor Stations – North West 4 ´ 60  MMSCMD 2006-2007 NIGC SSC, Site Supervision Contractor
46 Six Gas Compressor Station 87,87,90,90, 90,160 MMSCMD 2002-2005 NIGC SSC, Site Supervision Contractor
47 Consulting Services To “MATN” 2005-2006 PEDEC, “MATN” Consulting Engineering Services
48 Acetic Acid Plant, Mahshahr 150,000 t/y, Acetic Acid 2003-2006 Fanavaran, Petrochemical Company FES (Field Engineering Services)
49 7th Olefin Plant, Mahshahr 1,100,000 t/y, Ethylyne

200000 t/y propylene

2001- 2005 Maroun Petrochemical Company (MPC) SSC, Site Supervision Contractor
50 4th Aromatic, Bandar Assaluyeh 750,000 t/y Paraxylene 2002-2005 Borzuyeh Petrochemical Company (BPC) MC, Partnership with Foster Wheeler
51 Petrochemical Storage Facilities Lots of and facilities Storage Tanks 2004-2005 PIDMCO FES, Field Engineering Services
52 Six Gas Compressor Stations 87, 87, 90, 90,90, 160 MMSCMD 2002-2004 NIGC Complete Basic Design, Detail Engineering and Engineering Services of Procurement
53 Acetic Acid Plant, Bandar Imam 150,000 t/y Acetic Acid 2001-2004 Fanavaran Petrochemical Company Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Technical Assistance Services, 29Partnership with GS
54 Petrochemical Storage Facilities, Bandar Imam Lots of and facilities Storage Tanks 2002-2004 PIDMCO Complete Basic Design, Detail Engineering and Procurement Services
55 7th Olefin Plant, Mahshahr 1,100,000 t/y, Ethylene

200,000 t/y, Propylene

2000-2004 Marun Petrochemical Company (MPC) Detailed Engineering, Procurement

Partnership with Linde

56 NGL 1300 180, MMSCFD, of Feed Gas

4400 BBIS/D, of Condensate Product with Transfer Pump Stations & Pipeline

1999- 2003 NPC Detailed Design, Procurement Services, Pre-Comm. & Commissioning Supervision
57 NGL 1200 260, MMSCFD, Of Feed Gas

Condensate Product with Transfer Pump Stations & Pipeline

1999- 2003 NPC Detailed Design, Procurement Services, Pre-Comm. & Commissioning Supervision
58 Turkmenbashi Refinery Gasoline unit MSCC, LPG & Gasoline

Merox Units 24,000, BPSD Gasoline

1999-2000 NIOEC Detail Design, and Procurement, Services
59 6th Olefin Plant, Mahshahr 520,000 t/y, Ethylene

154,000 t/y, Propylene

1998- 2003 Amirkabir Petrochemical Company (AKPC) Detailed Engineering , Procurement & Field Engineering Services, 60Partnership with Linde
60 Noor Abad Gas Compressor Station 86, MMSCMD 2001-2003 OIEC/NIGC Complete Process Basic Design, and Detail Design
61 S3 & S6 Gas Compressor Stations 90MMSCMD, For S3 station, & 62MMSCMD for S6 Sstation 2000-2002 NIGC Basic Design for Civil & Structural Discipline and Complete Detail Engineering
62 Norooz Oil Field Master Development Plan Altern.A 90,000 BFPD Altern

B 120,000 BFPD

1998-1999 Repsol Exploration Pre- Basic Design, for the total Surface Facilities
63 South Pars Gas Field Development Phase 1, Stage 2 1997-1998 PEDEC Detailed Design

(Terminated At 50% Progress)

64 Norooz Oil Field Renovation the Persian Gulf Offshore & Onshore 90,000 BBL/D 1997-1998 NIOC Offshore Extended Basic Design
65 Khangiran Gas Treating Plant Phase II, Khangiran Two GTU One SRU & Utility Expansion 1996-1999 NIGC Basic Design Review, Detailed Design, Procurement Services & Technical Support
66 NGL-600 1996-1998 DICE Supervision of Plant Installation
67 Gachsaran Gas Treating and Injection, Gachsaran 1995-1998 NIOC Basic Design Review, Detailed Design, Procurement Services & Technical Support
68 Tehran Refinery Waste Water Treatment 1995-1998 Tehran Refinery Optimization Study
69 Sarkhun II Gas Refinery Gas Sweetening Unit 1000


1995-1998 NIGC Basic & Detailed Design Technical Assistance
70 Tabriz Petrochemical Complex, Tabriz HVAC Engineering 1995-1998 Tabriz Petrochemical Complex Detailed Design and Procurement Services
71 Iran Gas Europe Altern. A LNG Altern. B Pipeline, Iran- Europe A:10 LNG Trains each 2.5 million t/y, B: 35 bncm/ySales Gas 1995-1996 Linde Feasibility Study
72 ISO Standards Translation 1995-1996 Plan & Budget, Organization Translation of 137 ISO Standards in to Farsi
73 Norooz Oil Field Living Quarters, the Persian Gulf 1995-1996 NIOC- offshore Basic Engineering
74 Master Development Plan for Kharg, Siri, Lavan Islands, & Bahregan Oil Centre, the Persian Gulf 995-1996 NIOC- offshore Engineering
75 Foundation of Drilling Rigs, Kharg Island 1995-1996 NIOC- Offshore Engineering & Tech. Support
76 1.33 Million Barrel Crude Oil Storage Tank, Kharg Island 1.33 Million Barrel Crude Oil 1995-1996 NIOC-Offshore Engineering
77 Dorood Oil Field Development in the Persian Gulf 1995-1996 NIOC- Offshore Engineering & Tech. Support
78 Arak Lube Oil Arak 1995 Bonyad Mostazafan Feasibility Study
79 NGL 1200 &1300 Plants, Gachsaran Bibi Hakimeh 1995 NIOC- Onshore Preliminary Engineering Study
80 Pakistan Iran- Pak Refinery 1995-1996 NIOC- PERAK Engineering, Preparation of Tender Document
81 South Pars Gas Field Devel­­­­opment (phase-1) 1995-1997 PEDEC Conceptual Study & Basic Design
82 Tehran Refinery, Tehran Modernisation of Control Systems, 1995 Tehran Refinery NIOC Basic Design & Optimization Study
83 Furfural Unit, Tehran Pars Oil Refinery, Tehran 1994 -1996 Pars Oil Company Contribution in Detailed Design (Renovation & Capacity Increase)
84 Aromatic Unit, Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company, Bandar Imam 1994-1998 BPC Site Activities, Supervision, Technical Services, Field Engineering & Engineering support
85 Esfahan Pipeline River Crossing Bridges Karoon, Jarahi, Zayandehrood River 1994-1997 NIOC Design Of Bridges & River Crossing (Basic & Detailed Design)
86 Sarkhun Pump Station 12,000, BBL/D 1993-1998 NIGC Basic and Detailed Design Engineering & Technical Assistance
87 Ahwaz Pipeline Facilities Pump Station for Mile 40 Ahwaz & Tabriz Pipeline, Pump Station for Tabriz-Sarab-Ardabil Pipeline Technical Service (200,000 BBL/D)

Technical Service  (35,000 BBL/D)

1993-1995 NIOC Basic and  Detail Design Engineering & Procurement Services, Basic and Detailed Design Engineering & Procurement Services
88 Esfahan Polyacryle Complex, Esfahan Air Pollution Control & Recovery System Optimization of Monomer in Polyacryle Co. 1992-1993


Iran Polyacryle Company Basic and Detailed Engineering.
89 Khoramabad Nyl-Iran Tire Production Co., Khoramabad 1992-1993 Bank of Industry and Mines of Iran Optimization Study for the Use of Nylon Fibbers in the Tire Industry
90 Tehran Planning & Information System Design Management Services 1992-1994 Hormozgan Cement Co. Design and Development of Project Planning and Controlling System
91 Pakistan/Iran Pak Refinery 1992-1993 ABB Lummus Crest (Germany) Feasibility Studies
92 9th  (Condensate) Refinery, Bandar Taheri 70,000 BBL/D,  DCS Control, The Refinery Includes DEA Gas Treater 1991-1993 NIOC Complete Basic Design of Condensate Refinery
93 Khorasan Petrochemical Complex, Bojnurd, Khorasan 1990-1991 Khorasan Petrochemical Complex Consultancy Services for the Entire Complex
94 Esfahan Petrochemical Complex, Esfahan 7,500 BPD 1990-1991 Esfahan Petrochemical Complex Basic & Detailed Design of Feed Facilities
95 Arak Refinery, Arak 21,600 BPD, DCS Control 1990-1991 TPL, Italy Detailed Design NHT/CCR Platformer Units
96 L.A.B Complex, Esfahan 12,000 BPD 1988-1991 Iran Chemical Industries Investment Company Basic & Detailed Engineering of Feed facilities Design
97 Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS) Preparation of Standards in all Related Fields For the Ministry of Petroleum 1988-1996 NIOC 398 Standards With More Than 20,000 Pages in 12 Work Disciplines
98 Bandar Abbas Refinery, Bandar Abbas Two Separate Trains, each 116,000 BBL/D Vacuum Unit Capacity 63,000 BBL/D 1988-1990


Snamprogetti Italy Basic & Detailed Design of Vacuum & Atmospheric Distillation Unit

International Cooperation

United Kingdom

  • John Brown
  • Foster Wheeler
  • GSA
  • UOP
  • Worley Parsons
  • Simon Carves
  • KBR


  • STP
  • TPL
  • Saipem (Snamprogetti)
  • KT


  • Sofregaz
  • IFP
  • Axens
  • Technip
  • Air Liquide

South Korea

  • GS E&C


  • Sinopec (SEI)


  • Uhde
  • Linde
  • BASF
  • Salzgitter


  • Toyo
  • JGC
  • Mitsui (MES)
  • Mitsui Chemical


  • Dextron
  • IPIP


  • Haldor Topsoe


  • Frames
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