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HAMPA ENERGY Engineering & Design Co.
  • check Managing Director:  M. Zomorodian
  • check Date of foundation:  2007
  • check Phone:  (+9871) 2263180-99
  • check Fax:  (+9871) 2136527
  • check E-mail:  info@hedcoint.com
  • check Website:  www.hedcoint.com
  • check Address:  PO. Box 71455-684 Shiraz- Iran
Company Motto

Management and Implementation of Projects in the Field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Environment Industries in the Direction of Development Engineering Knowledge and Expanding Technologies

  • Company Background
  • Areas of Activity
  • Human Resources
  • Achievements
  • Infrastructures
  • Previous Project List
  • International Cooperation

Company Background

HEDCO Aims to be a Company which can Explore New Horizons and can achieve the Increasing Market Demand of high Technology, Quality and Timely Completion of Large Scale Projects.

HEDCO was Founded as an Engineering Company, in the year 2007 with Collaboration of a Group of Highly Experienced Engineers Working Extensively in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects as EPC Project Managers and Senior Engineers in Different Disciplines.

Up to now, HEDCO has done around 20 Major projects in the Oil , Gas and Petrochemical Industry.


Areas of Activity

HEDCO has two fields of activities:

1) Industrial Projects Execution

  • Project Management (General Contracting, MC)
  • Project Engineering (Feasibility Study, Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering)
  • Project Procurement Services (Technical and Commercial)
  • Project Construction Management
  • Site Supervision and Site Technical Assistances

2) Process Packages Design , engineering ,  Fabrication and Integration:

HEDCO Possesses its Own Design and Know-How for Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing and Construction of the Following Process Packages:

  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks
  • Catalytic Reformers (Ammonia , Methanol , H2 Generation)
  • Process Heaters
  • Oil Desalting Units
  • Vapor Recovery Units
  • Wet Type Scrubbers

HEDCO is in the Integrated Vendor Lists of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) for the above Items.


Human Resources

1) Number of resources

The Company Organization Includes all Engineering Departments such as Process, Civil and Structure, Piping , Mechanical, Machinery, Electrical, Process Safety and Instrumentation as well as project execution team i.e. Project Control and Planning , Procurement , Quality Control , Quality Assurance.

Today 320 No.’S of Expert Personnel are working in Engineering Disciplines and Projects Support Departments and as a result the company’s achievable man-power is 45.000 m/h per month or 500.000 m/h per year.

 2) areas of expertise

 The company’s main areas of expertise are Ammonia/Urea plants , Gas Reifneries , Oil Refineries , HDPE Plants , and also technology based plants and equipment



Up to now, HEDCO has done around 20 projects which has been summarized in the following table:


Ser. No.


Project type (oil and gas Industry)

No. of Performed Projects
1 Large Scale EPC 2
2 Medium Scale EPC 5
3 Large Scale EPS 4
4 Technolgy Based Projects (Heaters  , Reformers , Cryogenic Tanks , Desalter Packages , …) 10


SAJAT certificates

  • HEDCO has been certified as Level 1 Consulting Company in the Branch of “Oil, Gas & Petrochemical” by MPO of Iran
  • HEDCO has been Certified as Level 1 Construction Contracting Company in the Branch of “Oil, Gas & Petrochemical” by MPO of Iran
  • HEDCO has been Registered in National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Contractor Lists as Capable to Design and Construct the Under License Process Plants.
  • HEDCO has been Certified as Capable Company to Perform Bankable Feasibility Study Reports in the Branch of “Oil , Gas & Petrochemical” by the Authorized Society in Iran.
  • HEDCO is the Only Engineering Company in Iran Who Awarded the Crystal Excellence Prize of National Petrochemical Company Quality Management System.
  • HEDCO has been Certified by the Iran Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce for Industrial Research and Development Projects.


QHSE System:

HEDCO Quality Management System Complies with the Requirements of ISO-9001 , ISO-14001, OHSAS-45001 & ISO/TS-29001 & ISO-27001 and this has been Certified and Audited by TUV Nord CERT GmbH.

IT System:

Inorder to Perform and Manage the Projects Efficiently, HEDCO has Developed its “HEDCO Total Management System (HTMS)” Which is a Fully Web Based, parerless, real time software platform integrating all Phases of Engineering, Planning, Procurement and Construction from of the Project.This Software Ensures a Timely and Thorough Monitoring all Stages of the Project.Project Stake Holders Can have Access to Documents and Reports Anywhere in the World Just having Access to the Internet and Logging on the Website.


Previous Project List


International Cooperation

International cooperation

  • Establishment of companies in Turkey and Oman
  • Execution of a Project in Oman
  • Marketing in Iraq , Syria and India

List of international Companies who has been working with HEDCO

  • StamiCarbon (Holland)
  • Casale(Swithserlan)
  • Napta(Holland)
  • KT(Italy)
  • Many Chinese Companies (as Contractors , Financing , Vendors)
  • European Vendors
  • …….
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