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Kayson Inc.
  • check Managing Director:  Reza Saeidkar
  • check Date of foundation:  1975
  • check Phone:  (+9821) 24801000
  • check Fax:  (+9821) 22134992
  • check E-mail:  info@kayson-ir.com
  • check Website:  www.kayson-ir.com
  • check Address:  No. 18, 2nd (Abqari) St., Sa'adat Abad, Tehran, 1586747714 - Iran
Company Motto

Building a better world for present and future generations

  • Company Background
  • Areas of Activity
  • Human Resources
  • Achievements
  • Infrastructures
  • Previous Project List
  • International Cooperation

Company Background

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Mohammadreza Ansari, Kayson is an international public-limited general contractor, providing premier management, engineering, procurement, construction, financing and investment services worldwide.
Kayson was among the first Iranian general contractors to receive quality management certificate, ISO 9001:2008.
Kayson has also played a pioneering role in introducing advanced project delivery systems such as DB & EPC to the Iranian construction industry.
Since its inception, Kayson has endeavored to maintain a reputation for excellence in performance by providing a high-quality services, based on technical competence, efficiency, cost effectiveness and adherence to contract programs.
Thanks to our timely shifts in strategy and a major restructuring plan designed to create a leaner and more flexible organization, we have been able to make tough decisions quickly, shifting resources to match opportunities, reducing and reallocating overhead and investing more in people and processes that ensure our continued success.
Today, Kayson has separated ownership from management and also has over 45 Shareholders.


To provide world class Management, Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services through People & Organizational Development to Improve the Quality of Life


Areas of Activity

● Project Development
● Project Management
● Engineering
● Procurement
● Construction
● Financing
● Investment
● Operation & Maintenance”
“Oil, Gas and Industry
● Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
● Pumping & Compressor Stations
● Power Generation Plants, Power Transmission & Substations
● Industrial Manufacturing Plants
● Pipelines & Tank Farms
● Gas Injection Projects
● Upstream – Exploration and Production
Housing and Buildings
● Mass Housing
● Residential Complexes
● Townships
● Infrastructure Facilities & Landscaping
● Commercial & Office Building Complexes
● Sports, Recreational, Cultural & Medical Facilities
Railway Transportation Systems
● Railways
● Urban Railways
● Monorails
Water and Environment
● Dams
● Water Transfer and Diversion Tunnels
● Irrigation and Drainage Networks
● Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
● Water Transmission Lines
● Sewerage Collection and Transmission Lines (via Pipejacking Method)
● Water Desalination Plant
● Ports & Harbors
● Airports
● Roads, Elevated Highways & Tunnels
● Bridges”


Human Resources

  • Kayson Inc. has a total workforce of 3,500 people including 2,500 direct employees.
  • Approximately 46% of the personnel hold Higher Education Degrees in various fields.
  • Approximately 21% of our team members have Managerial Profiles, 25% are Engineers in various fields and the remaining are Support Staff and Skilled/Semi-Skilled Laborers.


Kayson actively implements the PMBOK project management standards in its domestic and international projects; (as well as) Kayson leadership decided to adopt the EFQM excellence model as a tool for self-assessment, as a way to benchmark with other organizations, as a means to identify areas for improvement, and as a structure for the organization’s management systems. To maximize the benefits of adopting the EFQM model, Kayson leadership has set forth the following guiding concepts to ensure that the model is fully understood and accepted by the entire organization:
● Excellence is achieving results that delight all stakeholders
● Excellence is visionary and inspirational leadership, coupled with constancy of purpose
● Excellence is maximizing the contribution of employees through their development and involvement
● Excellence is developing and maintaining value adding partnerships and alliances
● Excellence is cherishing change, challenging the status quo and effecting change by utilizing learning to create innovation and improvement opportunities
● Excellence is embracing our social responsibilities by striving to improve the quality of life wherever we work



Quality Management Systems

In Concern with our Mission and to Achieve our Vision and Objectives, with Observing Values and Adhering to all Specifications and Requirements Agreed upon in Contracts, National and International Regulations and Standards, with all Staff Involvement, Kayson is committed to:
● Continual Monitoring and Improvement in Quality of Design and Construction of Projects
● Continual Improvement of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Processes based on Results of Audits, Evaluations and Performance Measurements and Organizational Improvement Management Feedbacks
● Ensuring Efficient Provision and Allocation of Resources to Execute Processes Effectively
● Empowering, Developing and Enhancing Knowledge of Employees and Increasing their Involvement in the Effective Development and Implementation of Management Systems and Knowledge and Experience Transference
● Understanding and Meeting Stakeholders’ Requirements and Expectations based on Sustainable Development and Mutual Benefit

Equipment & Apparatus

Kayson adheres to a policy of investment in its own equipment and, as a result, it has, at its disposal a comprehensive range of modern equipment, covering the whole spectrum of specialized equipment needed for realizing projects in the industries it is active in. At this moment, Kayson possesses about 1500 sets of light and heavy machinery and equipment, with a very high availability rate. Kayson´s Machinery and Equipment Department is the first company in Iran to receive ISO certification for the supply, support, and maintenance of machinery and equipment.


Previous Project List


International Cooperation

Through strategic cooperation, Kayson cooperates with its partners to provide added services and sharpen its competitiveness. Whatever the alliancing and partnering requirements of a project, Kayson is well placed to work out relationships that suit them. Kayson is a preferred partner for many international firms seeking to establish a foothold in Iran’s growing and lucrative construction market. Some partners:
● Norinco of China in Ahwaz Urban Railway Project
● Mushrif of Kuwait in Hamedan Sewerage Project via Pipejacking Method and some Wastewater Treatment Plant Projects
● MAPNA Group of Iran in Qom Monorail System

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