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Pars Kayhan Co.
  • check Managing Director:  M. Halvaiy
  • check Date of foundation:  1991
  • check Phone:  (+9821)88505710
  • check Fax:  (+9821)88505711
  • check E-mail:  info@parskayhan.org
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  • check Address:  No. 10, 14th St., Ahmad Ghasir Boulevard, Tehran 15147-55411 - Iran
Company Motto

Knowledge is Power
The future is ours…

  • Company Background
  • Areas of Activity
  • Human Resources
  • Achievements
  • Infrastructures
  • Previous Project List
  • International Cooperation

Company Background

Pars Kayhan has been established as an industry private EPC contractor and is able to perform all engineering, procurement and execution operations.

Founded in 1991, Pars Kayhan is a privately held engineering and construction company; providing design, engineering, procurement & construction services. Pars Kayhan works in fields and oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant & industry, follows its goal with active participation in tenders and doing EPC projects. Furthermore, Pars Kayhan is going to take part in other industries like steel industry, etc.


Areas of Activity

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

  • Oil & Gas Facilities and Pipelines
  • Terminal & Storage Facilities
  • Treatment and Process plants
  • Gas / Condensate and Oil production
  • Refinery and Petrochemical complexes
  • Wellhead Facilities

 Power Generation and Distribution

  • Single & Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Boiler plant, Steam turbine and desalination
  • Overhead lines / Cables / Substations up to 400kv


  • Urban Facilities
  • Building complexes
  • Road and railways
  • Energy distribution facilities


  • Portable Water treatment
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Desalination
  • Oily Water treatment

 Project Management

  • Requirements Management
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Project planning
  • Risk management
  • Earn value management
  • Construction supervision
  • Safety management

Fabrication & Construction

  • Shop Designs
  • Pre-fabrication and onsite construction
  • Plate & Structure Fabrication Shops
  • Pipeline Fabrication Shops
  • Storage Tanks Fabrication Shops
  • Test & Commissioning
  • Maintenance

 Feed & Detailed Design

  • Design review
  • Basic & detail design
  • Providing technologies and licenses
  • Modification and rehabilitation engineering
  • Procurement engineering services

 Commercial Management

  • Quantity surveying
  • Estimating, cost planning
  • Contract management and administration
  • Supply special material

Human Resources

Hundreds of experienced engineers, technicians and specialists, form Pars Kayhan’s workforce.

Years of targeted investment in our project management teams, enable us to gain the knowledge and experience needed to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the most complicated tasks.

Pars Kayhan tries to use young and creative workforce beside experienced personnel and using the latest achievements in management and industry.

Pars kayhan have reached to 2000 manpower in the peak time if its projects including 1500 skilled manpower and 500 engineer in different departments and disciplines.



Project Name Type of Contract Location Progress
Tie-in and gas pipeline from Basra to Najaf, Iraq,  Turn key EPC Iraq Signing contract
Wellhead facilities and pipeline of South Yaran oil field EPC Ahvaz-Khuzestan 100%
Export gas pipelines of South Azadegan oil field EPCC Ahvaz-Khuzestan, 40%
Development of Abadan Refinery and Mahshahr oil storage facilities, EPC Khuzestan 80%
Oil storage tanks (Floating & Fixed Roof)  of  Basra and Nasseriya Refineries,  EP Iraq 100%
Crude oil storage tanks and facilities of  Daura Oil Refinery EP Baghdad-Iraq 100%
All Electrical & Instrumentation works in Asalouyeh Gas Refinery(Phase19 C Asalouyeh 100%
All Electrical & Instrumentation works in Asalouyeh Gas Refinery(Phase13) C Asalouyeh 100%
Qeshm storage tanks (490,000 BBL) EPC Qeshm island 100%
Sulphore Recovery Unit & Sulphore solifidication Unit in Asalouyeh Gas Refinery(Phase14) C Asalouyeh 100%
Kharg storage tanks (4,000,000 BBL) PC Kharg island 100%
Bardaspi & Pali Baba Pump Stations’ Strategic Storage Tanks (450,000 BBL)


EPC Khoram Abad 100%
Bandar Abbas Oil Product Export & Import Facility Expansion Project(pipe line)


EPC Bandar Abbas 100%
Exir Chemical Terminal(Storage Tanks) PC Bandar Imam 100%
Cooling System Extension EPC Tehran Refinery 100%
Crude Oil Storage Tanks Unloading System Improvement


EPC Tehran Refinery 100%
Electrical BOP of Parand G.T. Power Plant EPC Parand GTPP 100%
Utility & Off-Site of Kermanshah Petrochemical Complex C Kermanshah 100%
Mechanical BOP of Orumieh G.T. Power Plant EPC Orumieh GTPP 100%
Gas System of Damavand C.C. Power Plant EPC Damavand CCPP 100%
Water Treatment of Damavand C.C. Power Plant EPC Damavand CCPP 100%
Mechanical BOP of Mobin Petrochemical Complex EPC Mobin PC 100%
Mechanical BOP of Abadan G.T. Power Plant EPC Abadan GTPP 100%
E&I Works of Borzuyeh Petrochemical Complex C Borzuyeh PC 100%
E&I Works of SWP1 Offshore Platform C South Pars Gas Field 100%
Pre-Comm. & Commissioning of Phase 1 Com. Parsian Gas Refinery 100%
E&I Works of Phase 1 (Fields No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16) C Asaluyeh 100%
Water Treatment Plant of Fajr Petrochemical Complex EP Fajr PC 100%
E&I and Civil Works of 220kV Substation of NGL1200 CC Gachsaran 100%


Pars Kayhan has been certified as a contractor from management organization which introduces:

  • Grade 1 in Oil and Gas EPC contracting
  • Grade 1 in Oil and Gas Engineering consultancy (Pump stations & Pipeline)
  • Grade 1 in Oil and Gas construction (Pump stations & Pipeline)
  • Grade 1 in Mechanical and Facilities
  • Grade 2 in field of power
  • Grade 3 in field of civil


Pars Kayhan also has obtained certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 3834-2:2005 and IMS and managed and applied company based in these system.


Previous Project List


International Cooperation

Pars Kayhan is working as first Iranian Private EPC contractor in Iraq oil market and registered in Iraq oil ministry and affiliated companies as qualified contracting company.

Pars Kayhan have Cooperation partnership with well-known manufactures from Europa and South Korea in Iraq such as LS Electric for Power and Sub-Stations, MW-Tank Italy for Mechanical works, CRTechnologies of Italy for Electrical packages and E-houses, and …

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